At long last, California Governor Gerry Brown agreed with virtually every state legislator in the Golden State and signed the Franchise Relations Act into law last Sunday.  The bill, which had passed both legislative branches unanimously earlier in the year, was before the Governor since the final days of summer.  Last year at the eleventh hour, he vetoed a similar version of the bill, but the refinements that franchise owners made in this session were enough to overcome those objections and get it on the books!  The new law, which is summarized here, amends existing California franchise law as relates Termination, Transfers and Non-renewals in a number of specific ways, including increasing the current cure period from 30 to 60 days, prohibiting the rejection of a sale/transfer so long as the transferee is qualified, and requiring the franchisor to repurchase inventory, fixtures and equipment in non-renewals and terminations.  Congratulations to all who were so involved in this battle for so long.  It is a job very well done!!!