The state of Illinois is currently mired in a budget crisis of legendary proportions – for almost 2 full years, chaos has ruled. There have been unfunded pension issues, corruption allegations back and forth, the Attorney General sued to stop state worker paychecks, lawsuits between government agencies, furloughs of state employees, Northeastern Illinois and Chicago State Universities are both closing for a number of days to stretch their budgets, and the problems go on. But, against that backdrop of incompetence, the House Labor and Commerce Committee thought it a great idea to give approval (by a vote of 17-6) last week to a bill increasing the state minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2022! Notwithstanding that the bill provides some tax credits for small businesses proportional to the wage increase, the business community has consistently cautioned against increasing the state minimum in the current environment. All of the legislative machinations must have taken quite a toll on the members of the Illinois legislature – they are currently on a two-week spring break! By comparison, the federal government in Washington is humming like a fine-tuned machine!