BunnBUNN-O-Matic Corporation has been a preferred supplier to the Dunkin’ system for more than 55 years, supporting the efforts of both the brand and franchisee community since its inception.

“Based on measurable standards and mutually beneficial agreements, BUNN-O-Matic Corporation works closely with Dunkin’ Brands and the DCP to ensure high quality equipment and value-added services that directly benefit franchisees,” said Global Accounts Vice President Todd Rouse.

As the preferred supplier for coffee, powder, iced tea/coffee and grinder equipment, BUNN-O-Matic Corporation is a global partner of Dunkin’ Brands with worldwide manufacturing, distribution and related services that ensure the highest standards. Its BUNNserve program offers added value services related to equipment installation, preventive maintenance, training and reactive service. Franchisees can count on BUNN for profitable and reliable dispensed beverage equipment and support worldwide.

According to Rouse, BUNN’s core values of honesty, integrity and courtesy translate into customer satisfaction. Franchisee feedback often reflects these values in comments about the supplier’s quality, innovation and professionalism.

DDIFO-25th-Sponsor-Logo-100wSee complete product information at www.bunn.com, or contact Todd Rouse at Todd.Rouse@bunn.com or 800-637-8606.