We told you last week that Republican Governor Charlie Baker signed the so-called grand bargain into law in Massachusetts. The ‘bargain’ grants an increase in the minimum wage from the current $11 an hour up to $15 by 2023, a five year phase-in. In addition, it provides up to 12 weeks of paid family leave for all employees and up to 20 weeks paid sick leave, guarantees an annual tax holiday weekend in August and lowers business’ workers compensation premiums. Well although it may be early, it seems the early results show that the business community doesn’t see it as much of a bargain. According to the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), employer confidence last month dropped precipitously by 5.3 points, the largest one-month drop since 2011. AIM believes the drop was prompted in part by the ‘grand bargain’ as well as concerns about increasing tariffs. Despite the drop, the Business Confidence Index of 61.3 is still very solidly in positive territory.