Not to their guns & religion, rather to the anti-business direction that was so aggressively advocated during the eight year Obama administration. Leading the pact are still the rulings of the NLRB, about which the US Chamber produced a report, entitled Restoring Common Sense to Labor Law, which identifies the 10 most egregious rulings from the NLRB that business would most want rescinded. First amongst the targeted rulings is the outrageous redefinition of joint-employer. In that vein, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in DC heard oral arguments just yesterday on the appeal of the Browning-Ferris decision.  Browning-Ferris was the vehicle used by the NLRB back in August 2015 to rewrite the definition of a joint-employer. As those arguments were being made to the court, the current NLRB rolls on. Recently, they ruled in Cellco Partnership v Verizon that the employee handbook used by Verizon violates the Fair Labor Standards Act because the sections that barred workers from using company resources to solicit or distribute non-business materials could be construed to impede employee efforts to unionize!  Further, the majority also reasoned that other sections of the handbook that limited participation in outside organizations that might conflict with Verizon’s interests also impeded employees. Acting Chairman Philip Miscimarra dissented. And, the graduate-student-as-employee drumbeat continued as Yale Grad students in 6 out of 9 academic departments voted to join UNITE HERE Local 33 as small independent locals – a strategic move following the 2011 NLRB Specialty Healthcare ruling. The other 3 academic departments also approved unionizing, but the NLRB is still grappling with voting eligibility!  Just last week, graduate students at American University announced plans via a letter signed by 40 grad students to get in on the scam and petitioned the NLRB for a union representation election to join SEIU.