The Golden State became the latest in a number of cities and states that are looking to ensure gender pay equality through restrictive mandates on employers. Earlier in October, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law AB 168, which prohibits employers from asking prospective employees about their salary history. Under the new edict (effective January 2018), employers not only cannot seek salary information from prospects, they can’t even rely on the salary history information of an applicant in determining: whether to offer the applicant employment or what salary to offer the prospective applicant, and further, the “Fair Pay Act” as it became known, requires employers to provide an applicant with the pay scale for the position in question. There is “good news” though in that the law does not prohibit an applicant from voluntarily disclosing salary history information – as long as it wasn’t prompted! With apologies to the “Church Lady” of old Saturday Night Live fame, “Well, isn’t that special!”