Just a week or so ago, the California Supreme Court altered the long-prevailing standard for determining which individuals may qualify as independent contractors rather than employees. Prior to the court ruling, there were 12 different factors that would be considered in making such a determination. In the case of Dynamex Operations West, the state’s highest court upheld a lower court ruling that adopted a three-factor “ABC” classification (that apparently comes from a 2015 case in New Jersey). Under the New Jersey (and now California) standard, all three factors must be satisfied for an individual to not be considered an employee. Those factors are whether (A) the worker has freedom from control over how to perform the service, (B) the service is outside the business’s normal variety or workplace, and (C) the worker is engaged in an independently established role. If any of the 3 are missing, the worker is deemed an employee. It remains to be seen how far and into which industries this new standard may reach, but it will no doubt necessitate thousands of businesses in the state to revisit their worker classifications.