As many, if not most states, focus on how they can revive business and get their economies back on track, elected officials in the California legislature are looking at going in a different direction. Senators in the California Senate resurrected and amended AB 1253 two weeks ago recommitting it to the Committee on Government and Finance for a hearing held on August 3. Although the state already punishes success with a progressive income tax for incomes over $1 million (10.3%, 11.3% or 12.3% depending on the bracket), those with $1 million incomes pay an extra 1% for good measure (13.3% tax rate). Notwithstanding those rates, the bill seeks to add an additional 1% surcharge to incomes over $1 million, a 3% surcharge to incomes over $2 million and for those with an income of $5 million or more, an additional tax of 3.5%. If the proposal is passed and signed by the governor, Californians with an income of $5 million or more would pay at a rate of 16.8% and combined with federal obligations, an astounding 53.8% of their earning would be lost in taxes to government at the local, state and federal levels!!