We advised just a couple of weeks ago about the provisions and prospects of AB 257 being considered by the California legislature in Sacramento. Well, in view of the severity of this legislative proposal and the significant negative impact it would have on QSRs across the Golden State, the International Franchise Association has been working diligently against this bill and has created this important Action Alert on their Franchise Action Network. Recall that the Fast Food Accountability and Standards (FAST) Recovery Act – would apply to “fast food restaurants” with 30 or more chains nationwide and it has already been approved by two separate committee in the Assembly and will soon be passed by the Appropriations Committee as well. The proposal establishes a “Fast Food Sector Council”, consisting of members appointed by the Governor and legislative leaders, that would be empowered to promulgate wage and workplace standards for QSRs across California. In plain language, that means they’ll set the wages you pay and the benefits you must provide to your employees!  And for good measure, the bill would also require that a fast-food franchisor be held jointly and severally liable for violations of its franchisees – joint employer and then some!! We strongly encourage all of our California members and subscribers to utilize the IFA Action Alert tool and urge the California legislature to reject AB 257.