Notwithstanding issues we may have with many of the political positions Governor Gavin Newsom takes on a host of issues affecting small businesses as outlined above, he delivered on the positive side for franchisees late yesterday when he signed AB 676 into law. That legislation is a franchisee equity piece that clarifies the intent of AB 525, which was passed and signed into law in 2015. AB 676 now prohibits franchisors in the Golden State from influencing where a franchisee can purchase a franchise based on a protected class, such as race, which has been the subject of ongoing lawsuits within the McDonalds system by African American franchisees. In addition, the law creates a more equitable process whereby both parties have a say to determine the amount a franchisee may owe when an agreement is being terminated. Furthermore, the law also prevents franchisors from transferring all liability burden on franchisees in exchange for financial help during a state of emergency. Congratulations are in order for Subway franchisee and former CFA Chairman Keith Miller, who did yeoman’s work in drafting and working the legislation through both branches in Sacramento as well as with the Governor’s office to win his signing!