The California legislative session ended on August 31 and the Governor had until September 30 to sign or veto all legislation passed before September 1. Well, as the old saying goes, ‘watch out what you wish for, you might get it!’ And, we got it good. First in a negative to franchise owners, the Governor vetoed SB 1247, which passed the legislature unanimously and would have amended the California Franchise Relations Act to require the franchisor to disclose – upon request – to its California franchisees, any rebates or kickbacks the franchisor receives from another entity with whom the franchisee does business! Besides vetoing that franchisee-friendly bill, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law every piece of legislation that could be categorized as a pro-worker bill. These included some bills we’ve already advised you of in past issues, such as the FAST Act, and just last week, the Pay Transparency law, but he also signed a number of others more recently. First among those is SB1044, which essentially puts the spotlight on employer safety and protects employees in reporting safety violations and exiting the workplace in emergency situations. As California is want to do, it creates a new government agency (Cal/OSHA) and charges it with defining and developing safety standards. In addition, it protects employees from discipline if they leave the workplace because “they do not feel safe.” The governor also signed into law SB 951, which increases the share of paid family leave provided to lower-income residents. It extends what was a temporary increase in the benefit from 55% of wage to 60% 70% depending on income. He also signed AB 2963, requiring workplaces to continue providing employees with COVID-19 exposure notices until 2024; and AB152, extending required supplemental paid sick leave until the end of this year.