California Governor Gerry Brown, who last week made doctor-prescribed suicide legal in California and this week signed into law the strongest equal pay law in the nation, has yet to give any indication on what, if anything, he might do regarding the California Franchise Relations Act (fair franchising).  The franchising legislation passed both branches unanimously (unheard of as that might be!) and was sent to the Governor for his consideration last month.  He has until the close of business on Monday to sign the legislation or veto it, or it will become law without his signature.  We would hope he will sign it, but we’ll know for certain come Tuesday.  Under the new equal pay mandate, female workers will more grounds to sue employers under pay discrimination laws if they can prove that a man working the same job at the same business establishment makes more salary for no discernible reason.  Of particular note, the law changes the existing standard which requires equal pay for equal work to a new standard requiring equal pay for “substantially similar work”.  It also outlaws retaliation against employees for inquiring about or discussing other employees’ wages.  The changes will arguably make it more difficult for businesses to establish measurement criteria based on “irrelevant” factors other than gender.