Back in 2015, California unanimously adopted the Franchise Relations Act (AB-525), legislation that significantly improved the franchise landscape in the Golden State. Now this session, Assemblyman Chris Holden has authored and filed AB-2672, legislation that will update the 2015 law in 3 significant ways. First, AB-2672 will make existing law enforceable on all franchise agreements amended since 1/1/16. In addition, it provides that in the case of a termination or non-renewal where the franchisor takes possession of the business, any offset taken by the franchisor must be agreed upon by the franchisee or adjudicated in a court of law. Finally, as relates a transfer, AB-2672 would require that the franchisor provide the approval standard in writing and require a final decision within 60 days of the transfer request. As drafted, it would also apply to all transfers, rather than just those signed or renewed since 1/1/16. In other news from the far west, we noted that a Superior Court judge in San Diego expressed some serious doubts about the wisdom of AB-5 in a decision paving the way for full enforcement under the law. Judge Timothy Taylor, while issuing a prohibitory injunction against a private grocery delivery company (Instacart) for violating state labor law (AB-5 relative to employee classification), described California as “unapologetically pro-employee”, but noted all 3 branches supported the law and declared the “handwriting is on the wall.”