Protect California Small BusinessLast night, by a vote of 23 – 9, the California State Senate approved SB 610, the California Fair Franchising bill, and sent it along to Governor Jerry Brown for his signature.  Again, this is a significant victory for the franchisee community nationally as it underscores the need for legislatures across the country to start restoring some balance to the franchisee/franchisor relationship.  It is especially rewarding for the many franchisees and others who have worked so hard, in the face of substantial resources being poured into defeating this effort by the IFA and others throughout the campaign.  Although Governor Brown has yet to publicly state whether he will sign the bill into law, the many people who’ve worked on getting this important legislation through both branches of the California legislature will work just as hard to convince the Governor of the wisdom of signing the California Franchise Relations Act into law.  Once again, we are thrilled to offer our hearty congratulations to all who were so deeply involved in this historic victory – Keith Miller, CFA Chairman, John Gordon, DDIFO Restaurant Analyst, C.K. Patel, and so many others.  Congratulations one and all on a tremendous victory!!