The ‘Queen of all Nanny States’ is at it again – and with a vengeance this time! California legislators are entertaining 5 pieces of legislation that seek to restrict sugary beverage consumption in a host of ways – from taxing them to labeling them to limiting the size of sugary drinks. Proponents of the beverage dictates, who couch their proposals in terms of public health issues, are advocating separate bills that: would apply a 2% tax on sugary beverages, require the addition of warning labels, ban soda displays near checkout lines in supermarkets, outlaw discount coupons on soda and bar restaurants from selling soda in cups larger than 16 ounces!  And, the target products are more expansive than one would think, including sweetened coffee or tea, and sports drinks, along with soda. Former Governor Jerry Brown turned heads last June when he signed a statewide preemption on new local grocery taxes (for the next 12 years) into law – ostensibly as a way to avert a ballot question that would have prohibited the state from raising any new or additional tax revenue without a legislative supermajority. Rather than face the prospect of life without increasing taxes, the measure passed and Governor Brown signed it into law.