For the past few months, we’ve reported regularly on the ups and downs of former Trump Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder and the ultimately successful effort to derail his appointment. Early indications are that the new nominee for the business-critical post, Alexander Acosta, (here is a story on his time on the National Labor Relations Board) should enjoy a much easier nomination process.  At this early juncture, a number of labor unions are getting behind his nomination. Terry O’Sullivan, president of the Laborers’ International Union of North America said “Mr. Acosta’s fairness and respect for justice make him highly qualified to serve as the next Secretary of Labor; while the president of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Kenneth Rigmaiden endorsed Acosta’s nomination citing his “strong record of public service and a reputation for an open mind and adherence to the rule of law” called for a prompt hearing and confirmation. Others in the leadership of organized labor have called him a “reasonable, intelligent and eminently qualified individual”, dedicated public servant know to be fair and open minded”, and a “strong candidate”. Notwithstanding his almost universal acceptance by labor, the SEIU has pledged to continue fighting the nomination! His confirmation hearing has yet to be scheduled by the Senate.