3036129-poster-p-1-a-non-profit-is-suing-starbucks-claiming-that-there-are-carcinogens-in-your-coffeeWith a more and more litigious society, this should not come as any kind of surprise, but it did.  It was reported this week that a California nonprofit group known as the Council on Education and Research on Toxins (CERT) has filed a lawsuit against Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks for not putting cancer warning labels on coffee products.  CERT alleges that California’s Proposition 65, which mandates warnings on product that contain chemicals link to cancer, requires the notices because the chemical acrylamide, which is produced in certain food products cooked at more than 120 degrees Celsius, can be found in coffee.  A University of Nevada professor of nutrition and toxicology says one “would have to drink probably over 100 cups of coffee a day in order to that dangerous dose.”