Effective July 1, the city of Philadelphia will join San Francisco in banning cashless stores from operating within the city. But even before the ban takes effect next week, some problems surfaced with a few state agencies not being able to accept cash at that time. Notwithstanding, the city will enforce the new law against all private companies beginning next week. The state of Maine joined the list of those banning the use of single-use plastic bags when Governor Janet Mills signed LD 1532 into law earlier this month. The law, which takes effect on April 22, 2020, also provides that certain retail establishments may use recycled paper bags to bag products at the point of sale, but they must charge a 5 cent fee per bag to do so. Fortunately, restaurants are exempted – for the time being – from the “must charge your customers” category. And, this week, Governor Mills signed a Green New Deal for Maine bill into law. LD. 1282 deals with the percentage of renewable resources providing electricity in the state and creates a task forces charged with planning for renewable energy, environmental sustainability and economic growth – so, we can likely anticipate more anti-business initiatives to come in when the task forces issue their reports.