There is a court case from Massachusetts that we’d like to reference because the lessons they provide apply across the country.  The parents of a 6 year old girl with a peanut allergy filed suit against Panera Bread after she had a serious allergic reaction when the grilled cheese sandwich she ate had a dollop of peanut butter in it. The girl needed shots of epinephrine and was hospitalized overnight.  The suit was filed after the girl’s parents learned of an almost identical incident one month later in a different Panera that was owned by the same franchisee.  In the second case, the child suffered an anaphylactic reaction that also required hospitalization.  Be careful to educate your employees on the dangers of food allergies.  A Boston Globe story on the suit spoke of the owner of an Indian restaurant in England sentenced to six years in prison last month after a customer requested “no nuts” in his chicken tikka masala went into anaphylactic shock and died.  The owner had replaced almond powder in his recipes with a cheaper ground nut mix without disclosing it to customers.