A recent report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that adults who tested positive for COVID-19 were twice as likely to have reported eating at a restaurant within the prior two weeks. There’s a lot more to that story, however. The study authors themselves admit to at least five significant limitations with the first being the small sample size of 314 people actively seeking a COVID test in July in one of 10 states (California, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Utah and Washington), each of which had very different restaurant restrictions in place. Further, the study did not ask nor did it differentiate between indoor and outdoor dining options with one question even lumping bars and coffee shops together without differentiation. All that said, the current CDC Guidelines for Restaurants and Bars list dining options from low to high risk with the lowest risk being drive-through, delivery, takeout and curbside pickup. So, it’s still safe for America to run on Dunkin’!