We’ve often written about an event that been sponsored or an issue that’s being highlighted for action by the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA). When we do, many of our readers may not immediately see the tremendous value that our affiliation with this national organization provides Dunkin’ franchisees as well as franchise owners in any number of brands – but that value is there, in abundance! Under the leadership of Chairman (and Dunkin’ franchisee) John Motta and Executive Director Misty Chally, CFA has been front & center on a number of issues that directly impact franchise owners. Last week, Misty Chally was a guest on Wall to Wall, the business news program on One America News’ (OAN), discussing the impact of the coronavirus on franchise owners. And this week, she was interviewed for an article in the Wall Street Journal on the challenges facing franchise owners with the patchwork of restaurant re-opening guidelines. This week, we featured Congressman Chip Roy as the first guest of the CFA’s new Tele-TownHall Meeting, a monthly chat with a member of Congress about the array of different issues that most concern franchise owners. DDIFO is a proud founding member of the CFA and thankful for their work!