Although his nomination is not yet a fait accompli, Federal Trade Commission nominee Alvaro Bedoya is wasting no time getting up to speed on the FTC Franchise Rule and all its implications. Aside from “studying up” on the rule as he described his efforts, he also this week met with the Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) Board of Directors to hear directly about some of the issues of greatest concern among franchise owners. President Biden nominated Bedoya back in September of last year and re-nominated him in January after his nomination expired along with the 2021 Congressional session at the New Year. The nomination of Bedoya, who is the Founding Director of Georgetown’s Center of Privacy and Technology as well as a Visiting Professor at the DC school, has been advanced twice now to confirmation by identical 14-14 party line votes in the Senate Commerce Committee and he will most likely be confirmed by the full Senate once the necessary procedural votes have been taken. Once Professor Bedoya is formally confirmed, the FTC will be at a full complement of Commissioners and we look forward to working with him on important franchise issues.