Sample Union Card Check

Sample Union Card Check

“Card-check” would make it easier for unions to organize, but critics say it is undemocratic.

John Almaier, a dealer and supervisor at Bally’s in Atlantic City, and his colleagues thought they were following procedure when they voted in June 2007 to join the United Auto Workers union.

They contacted the UAW to represent them. The union had an organizing campaign. The workers voted. The union won. And 19 months later?

“We have no contract,” said Almaier, 61, of Winslow Township, Camden County.

Unions say the delay has become commonplace. They are focusing on the federal Employee Free Choice Act to make it easier to join a union, create stiff penalties for employers that violate the law and end the long decline in union membership.

But the bill has sparked intense opposition from business groups that say it would upend 70 years of labor law in favor of a system that is downright undemocratic. But with President Barack Obama, a Democrat, now in office, the legislation’s chances have been revived.

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The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA) for which DDIFO is a member, is lobbying against card check.  See what the CFA has to say about the Employee Free Choice Act.