The Chicago City Council unanimously approved the “Fair Workweek” that mandates at least a two week notice of work schedules and provides penalty pay for those whose schedules are changed within that two week timeframe. The final ordinance, which was spearheaded by new Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, covers eight different industries from restaurants to manufacturing and its provisions apply to workers earning less than $26 per hour. The law will apply to businesses with 100 or more employees and restaurants with 30 locations and 250 employees globally, but only to franchisees with four or more locations. Under the ordinance, covered employers will initially be required to give at least 10 days advanced notice of worker schedules effective July 1, 2020 but increasing to 14 days’ notice by July 1, 2022. So-called ‘predictability pay’ of an extra hour will be required when a worker’s schedule is changed within the 2 week period or if the employees schedule is changed or canceled within 24 hours, one-half of what they would have been paid had they worked the full schedule. In addition, the ordinance provides a “right to rest” whereby employees may decline work hours within 10 hours of an end of shift, mandates part-time workers be offered extra hours before new workers are hired and creates a new Office of Labor Standards to enforce the law.