Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has filed a set of ordinances with the City Council, that would dramatically change the landscape for businesses within the Windy City. The Mayor’s package, which she has dubbed the “Chi Biz Strong Initiative”, defines a business as guilty of wage theft if it fails to timely pay a covered employee wages, paid time off, or benefits due. Further violations would subject the employer to an additional penalty of 2% of the amount of underpayment or the amount dictated by the Wage Payment and Collection Act, whichever is greater. It also contains a number of supposed concessions to restaurant businesses within the city, including a cap on delivery fees and an expedited process for renewal of restaurant licenses. At the same time, the amended Illinois Employee Sick Leave Act (ESLA) has already taken effect, expanding the reasons for which an employee may take paid leave to include the personal care of covered family members. Consequently, the Illinois ELSA now authorizes employee paid leave to ensure the basic medical, hygiene, nutritional and safety needs of a family member are met, including transportation and emotional support. How significant a change this expansion of coverage turns out to be remains to be seen.