Within the past few weeks, both the city of Philadelphia and the state of New Jersey passed legislation mandating that retail establishments not refuse to accept payment in the form of cash. Opponents of cashless stores contend that enough people do not have credit cards or bank accounts to justify the legislation as a means to protect those individuals from being discriminated against. The Philadelphia City Council passed the measure on Valentine’s Day by a vote of 12-4. Likewise, the New Jersey state legislature also passed a similar mandate (AB 591) earlier this month and sent it along to the Governor for his signature. A spokesperson for Governor Phil Murphy said he is still considering the merits of the bill. Currently, Massachusetts, which has required retail establishments to accept cash as payment since 1978, is the only state with a of ban cashless stores, but we can expect to see more of it in the coming weeks and months: Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco and New York City all have similar proposals pending.