Jackie Noblett of the Boston Business Journal reports that America may run on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, but one local bank is hoping a branch inside one of the coffee giant’s stores may add its own version of liquidity to customers’ fiscal diets.

Citizens Bank said Tuesday it was opening its first branch inside a Dunkin’ Brands store. The new operation will be at 815 South Main St. in Bellingham. The branch will offer window teller service as well as private offices for loan applications and other specialized services. The branch will be open seven days a week, while an ATM is also available in the eatery.

In-store branches are not new for Citizens, the Providence, R.I.-based arm of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC. Bay State shoppers can stock up on cereal and beans at Stop & Shop supermarkets and sock away some cash afterward. In many ways, the strategy offers both convenience for customers and cost-effective expansion for the regional bank, as it does not have the burden all of the real estate costs that come with a traditionally larger stand-alone branch.

But banking and bagels? People do frequent Dunkin’s much more often than the grocery store or traditional banks, although one could imagine that ATM keypad could get awfully sticky with those frosted fingers.

The biggest winner in this venture may not be Citizens, however. If enough people put away the plastic and start using fresh cash from Citizens branches to buy coffee and doughnuts, it may be your friendly counter-service staffer whose tip cup could be seeing more green.

Boston Business Journal