burghmug-fixedAs if these stories are all somehow related, class action lawsuits against Home Depot are one thing, but yesterday, we learned of a proposed class action suit filed in Pennsylvania federal court last week alleging that a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee incorrectly categorized several assistant managers as overtime-exempt employees.  The proposed class, consisting of at least 10 assistant managers, claims that the plaintiffs were eligible for overtime and did not qualify for the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) executive employee overtime exemption since they didn’t regularly manage more than one employee at a time.  They further allege that time sheets were altered to show them working 50 hours per week when they claim to have worked as many as 65 in some weeks.  Further, they contend that many of their duties overlapped with those of nonexempt employees.  We will keep an eye on developments in this case and keep you informed as we learn more.