Speaking of Connecticut, it’s new so-called Clean Slate Law was scheduled to become effective with the turn of the calendar on January 1, 2023, but earlier this month some of the provisions were delayed until later in 2023. Connecticut has long barred employers from using certain criminal convictions in hiring and promotion decisions, but this bill, signed into law in the summer of 2021, expands those protections for individuals whose records have been erased and will further expand the types of criminal convictions that will be subject to erasure. Furthermore, employers will be prohibited from using an individual’s criminal history in consideration of compensation as well as the terms, conditions and/or privileges of employment. Connecticut employers are cautioned to take heed and follow future developments with this law as it provides that employees and job applicants aggrieved by the employer in violation of the Clean Slate Law may file complaints with the Connecticut Department of Labor, the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities or in a civil action in court with injunctive relief, damages and other legal remedies available against the employer.