There usually isn’t enough coffee news to warrant its own discussion in Small Regular, but it seems this week might be the exception. You can stay up on the latest of the drama within the Tim Horton’s brand by checking out this article on Blue Mau Mau last week. It seems the Tim Horton brand is following the playbook and attacking many of its own franchisees – because they’re involved with the new independent association for the franchisees, the Great White North Franchisee Association. There’ll be more to come on this, we’re sure. We noted last week that Death Wish Coffee Co., the round Lake, New York based coffee seller recalled all of its Death Wish Nitro Cold Brew cans out of fear the product could give its customers botulism! As a result, the company’s nitro cans have been removed from its online store as well as all retail outlets and customers have been advised to either throw it out or return it for a refund.  A few weeks ago, global food and beverage giant Nestle grabbed a majority stake (currently pegged at 68%) in Oakland, CA based Blue Bottle Coffee. Although no figures were released, it is reported that the deal is worth at least $500 million. Local brand Blue Bottle Coffee has enjoyed some success with its early expansion into Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York. The company recently announced a 4th DC location will soon be opening in Logan Circle in the nation’s capital. And lastly, Starbucks debuted its new cold-press espresso a few weeks ago at its premium Reserve Roastery in Seattle. No word yet on how the new product was received.