California continues to step on small businessmen and women with impunity, but this latest effort may be its most egregious yet! Over the past 2 weeks, two separate legislative committees within the state Assembly have approved AB 257, the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act (FAST Recovery Act). The legislation, sponsored by Chairperson of the Assembly Appropriations Committee Lorena Gonzalez, targets the QSR industry with a whole new set of laws and regulations, and it is on a fast track in the California Assembly. Specifically, the legislation would create a statewide fast-food sector council which would then be empowered to dictate QSR employee wages, benefits, hours and work locations (for multi-unit owners). Furthermore, the SEIU-driven AB 257 eliminates autonomy for franchisees by tying strict liability to the franchisor authorizing county level boards to dictate further county-level mandates as they see fit. At this juncture, the bill has been approved by both the Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment and the Assembly Judiciary Committee. It is now before the Appropriations Committee, which is chaired by the bill’s main sponsor. Expect this legislation to clear the Assembly soon and be sent to the Senate.