With the Biden administration and Congressional leadership continuing to push to more than double the federal minimum wage (currently $7.25/hour) to $15 per hour, a different approach is expected to be introduced next week in the US Senate. Republican Senators Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) are planning to propose legislation next week that will increase the federal minimum over a number of years to an-as-yet-unspecified amount and subsequently tie future increases to inflation. The Romney-Cotton proposal will also tighten employment enforcement relative to employers illegally hiring illegal immigrants, and will likely require employers to verify a job applicant’s legal status. President Biden included the $15 minimum wage in his COVID Relief legislation and the US House will likely retain it, but Biden has even expressed a belief that it will not survive in any final COVID legislation that may pass. The challenge for Biden and Congressional democrats will come from the Senate where a couple of moderate democrat Senators have already indicated opposition to such a significant increase. Depending on the number they finally arrive at, the Romney-Cotton proposal could become the Senate standard on increasing the federal minimum.