The breakfast/coffee space seems to be getting more popular of late as companies look to find opportunities there. We noted that Godiva Chocolates opened its first Godiva Café earlier this week in Manhattan and the privately-held company announced it is planning to open some 2,000 new units around the world with about 700 of them being located in the United States. Godiva currently has about 800 stores open globally, but those stores are largely limited to boxed chocolates and other limited items. Also this week, Panera Bread announced that it was expanding its breakfast menu and launching a self-service coffee program. The menu additions include 3 new breakfast wraps while the self-service coffee station, which will be tested later this month in the Raleigh-Durham market, will include cold-brew options as well. And lastly, we read that Gloria Jeans Coffee signed a 7-unit development agreement with a franchisee to continue their expansion plans in Indiana. The company currently claims about 900 stores operating worldwide.