A group of Democratic senators, 5 of whom are candidates for the democratic presidential nomination and have pandered to protesters against the company in past weeks, wrote Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta to demand a “full investigation” into workplace violence against McDonald’s employees.  They wrote in response to an OSHA complaint against one location filed in May alleging threats of violence against one location – apparently there were no protest available for them this week. Perhaps not competitors in the regular sense of the word, but Chicago food truck owners have asked new Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to scrap the Chicago rule requiring food trucks to operate at least 200 feet away from brick and mortar food businesses. The initial pitch was made as an op-ed in Crain’s Chicago Business by an individual food truck operator. Chicago law also requires that food trucks move at least every 2 hours. And, a number of food trucks will be at Play Ball Park in Cleveland today through next Tuesday, July 9 as part of the 2019 Major League Baseball All-Star game celebration.