The National Owners Association (NOA), the independent franchisee association for McDonalds systems operators founded last fall, has come out with a list of menu initiatives they point to as problems. Primary among the complaints detailed by the group is the dollar drink special as well as the new Worldwide Favorites menu, which includes popular menu items from Spain, Netherlands, Australia and Canada. NOA operators complain that the international favorites are just not popular here in the United States.  A host of smaller coffee companies have recently announced expansion plans. Aroma Joes coffee, the 65-unit brand based in Portland, Maine announced that it is targeting 20-30% growth over the next 3 years with an eye on filling out its New England market. Currently, the chain’s 65 stores are located in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida. Similarly, but on an even smaller scale, Gloria Jeans coffee also announced that it was expanding with a new location under development in a Michigan shopping center and others to come. Australia’s Gloria Jean’s currently has 59 units operating in the United States.