Krispy Kreme walked back its earlier decision to bring the hammer down on enterprising college student Jayson Gonzalez. The college senior was driving 8 hours one way to Iowa to purchase dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts weekly. He would then drive back to his college in Minnesota where there are no stores and resell the donuts at a profit. After the story broke, the company changed course and backed off shutting him down. Earlier this week, Starbucks went in a new direction when it opened its first “pick-up” store at Penn Plaza in New York City. The pick-up store will exclusively service those on-the-go customers who order and pay for their goods on the mobile app. And finally, in its earnings call earlier in the week, Wendys reiterated its decision to enter the breakfast fight during the first quarter of 2020, but in doing so will give franchisees the ability to opt-out of the breakfast daypart. Wendy’s has tried its hand at breakfast on a number of earlier occasions, but has been unsuccessful at sustaining it.