As more QSR brands engage their customers with plant-based additions to their menus, Tim Hortons is going the other way with an announcement this week that the company has removed its Beyond Meat offering from all stores within the provinces of Alberta and Calgary. Tim’s had previously ceased offering plant-based options in all Canadian stores except those in the two western provinces.  Heading in the other direction, Starbucks announced it was going further into vegan territory in 2020 with a plant-based patty breakfast sandwich across the US and Canada. McDonald’s reported on a banner 2019 with same-store sales growing almost over 5% in US stores and 5.9% globally on revenues of $5.35 billion, a 4% increase over the previous quarter. The Golden Arches also announced a new focus on the breakfast daypart with the expansion of its chicken breakfast menu items – likely in response to Wendy’s new push into breakfast. And finally, Krispy Kreme announced the planned opening of 6 new stores in New York City over the coming months, with a 4500 square foot flagship planned to open in May.