Ohio-based burger chain Wendy’s joins the breakfast daypart competition in a big way on March 2 when the chain launches its new breakfast menu system-wide.  The company has thus far limited its breakfast test to 300 stores, but anticipates the new breakfast platform will deliver 6% to 8% of sales and a 10% growth in sales over time. In comments made during its Q1 earnings call, Starbucks reported that it would be investing in the purchase of an additional 4,000 new A-I enabled espresso machines across the US. The company installed approximately 1,900 of the units last year and credits the machines with enhancing much of the customer experience from a speed of service standpoint. After closing more than 2,300 stores over the past four plus years, reality is apparently settling in at Subway corporate with the sandwich chain announcing layoffs this week. According to a press release sent out this week, the company laid off as many as 300 employees at its Milford, Connecticut corporate headquarters.