In contrast to the more upbeat Dunkin presentation, the Starbucks CFO. Pat Grismer, also appeared before the JP Morgan Consumer Conference. He noted their US same-store sales improved from minus 19% in June to minus 11% in August. They did not expect to get back to even in the US until sometime in early 2021. They also have problems in US urban central business districts and are trailing Dunkin’ SSS by 10 points as of last quarter, having taken a more conservative stance in getting stores reopened. While hiring challenges continue around the country – despite high pandemic-driven unemployment – McDonalds tried the creative approach this week with a Drive Up Hiring Day throughout its Southern California franchises. It seems the Golden Arches used drive-thrus in over 100 stores from San Diego to Santa Barbara for individuals to order employment rather than a Big Mac! Job applicants would begin an application via text and then drive-thru with proper social-distancing to be interviewed for a position with the store. No word on if the effort succeeded.