According to Nicole Miller Regan of Piper Sandler, teen dollars that formerly went to Starbucks in a major way are now landing in the registers of Chick-fill-A and Dunkin’. In an interview this week with Kelly Evans on CNBC, Miller Regan spoke to the shift in teen spending and how Chick-fill-A knocked Starbucks out of the top spot among teens. She also hastened to add that Dunkin’ was gaining share within the next generation thanks in large part to Dunkin’s newer espresso-based beverages, its cold beverage selection as well as the appeal of its snack items. Finally, she pointed to the broad influence of social media as well as the endorsement of some of the social media celebrities as having a favorable impact also. And finally, jumping back to breakfast for a note, Taco Bell announced this week that it was back to serving breakfast at about 50% of the chain’s 6,800 restaurants across the US. When the pandemic first hit the nation in March, many of the Taco Bell restaurants stopped serving in the breakfast daypart completely.