Starbucks announced last week that it was now testing a new vegan breakfast sandwich, the Plant Powered Breakfast Sandwich in the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. The company also announced that it was tying future executive compensation together with its diversity efforts. Specifically, the company has set a goal of 30% BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) representation at the corporate level and 40% at the store level, both targeted for 2025. At the other end of that spectrum, McDonalds has been sued again – for the 4th time this year – for alleged racial discrimination (lawsuits have been brought twice by employees and once by former franchisees).  This latest action also claims the company is equally liable as a joint employer, in a lawsuit alleging “severe and pervasive discrimination against black employees” by the franchisee. And, despite the current coronavirus pandemic, just this week Burger King announced that it will begin testing reusable packaging for both drinks and food in 2021 with an eye on reducing its environmental impact. The tests are slated to begin in New York City, Portland (OR), and Tokyo.