Krispy Kreme may be going public again, after being privately held by JAB Holdings since it acquired the Winston-Salem based chain out of bankruptcy just about five years ago. Krispy Kreme officials acknowledged earlier this week that it had confidentially filed a draft initial public offering (IPO) with U.S. regulators. The IPO still must be reviewed and approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission before the 1400-shop chain can be publicly traded. Elsewhere in the world of donuts, we noted that Tim Horton’s took a clever marketing approach in preparation for Mother’s Day this weekend with release of their Mother’s Day Donut Disguise Box. The box of donuts, disguised as one of two books of literature, “Glazed Expectations” and “Twenty Thousand Tidbits Under the Sea”, will be available at four select US locations for Mother’s Day this weekend. Although the Canadian donut chain no longer has a significant presence in the US, we have to give them credit for a good creative marketing ploy! And finally, while the challenge of finding good employers worsens as the coronavirus pandemic recedes and the economy rebounds, a Florida McDonald franchisee has resorted to paying applicants $50 just for showing up for the job interview! Despite the interview bonus, he still struggles to find workers while paying $3 over the $8.65 Florida minimum wage.