You know about the unionizing issues that Starbucks is confronting, but it also has been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that the company’s youth recruitment program equated to “a blatant campaign of age discrimination in hiring”. A 59-year-old former manager filed a proposed class action to include all individuals over the age of 40 who were fired from management positions or denied promotions after November 4, 2019. The suit claims the youth recruitment program – aimed at reducing unemployment for young workers – favored young workers at the expense of him and other older managers. More to come on that. Elsewhere, the Golden Arches are a little more golden after former CEO Steve Easterbrook returned equity stock awards and cash granted him as part of his severance package after the company fired him in 2019. After his termination, it was discovered that he had several inappropriate relationships with employees, relationships he specifically denied in the negotiations of his severance. The returned awards and cash have a current total value of $105 million. Easterbrook also issued a formal apology to the company, its Board, fellow employees and McDonald’s franchisees.