Starbucks’ recent revamping of their loyalty program continues to backfire with their “loyal” customers.  Under the former program, customers earned one star for each transaction, a free beverage after 12 stars and “gold star” status after 30 stars.  Now, under the revamped program, launching next month in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico two stars will be awarded for each dollar spent rather than on the number of transactions.  Gold star status will be reached at 30 stars ($15 spent), and upon reaching this status, customers will need to earn 125 stars ($62.50 spent) to receive the first beverage reward.  The revamped program will speed transaction times and increase spending among high-dollar value customers, but only those customers spending more than $5 per transaction will benefit.  Starbucks customers are mad.  DDIFO restaurant analyst John Gordon believes the DDPerks program is more attractive and that Dunkin’ will benefit over the next few quarters picking up some SBUX customers – particularly lower-dollar transaction customers.  He calculates that the average SBUX customer spends $2.19 for a medium coffee (based on the average price in the Northeast U.S. markets where both DNKN and SBUX compete) will need to make 29 visits before earning a reward, while the average DNKN customer who spends $2.00 for a medium coffee will need to make only 20 visits before earning a similar reward.  Elsewhere, one must wonder if troubles are returning for Chipotle as the fast casual Mexican grille closed its Billerica Massachusetts store this week after 4 of their employees reported being sick.  In addition, a student in the Billerica public schools was reported to have a norovirus, but there was no comment by authorities as to any connection to Chipotle.