Taco Bell is now expanding their breakfast menu with the addition of a one dollar value menu for their breakfast items.  The company announced last week that the new value menu will consist of 10 breakfast options.  At the same time, they also announced three new items will be added to their current breakfast menu at their 6,000 units across the country.  The effect of the serious health challenges faced by Chipotle over the past several months continues to impact the company as their same store sales for the month of February were still down over 26%.  In an effort to stop the bleeding, the company announced it had hired James Marsden, a meat-science professor at Kansas State University, as the new Executive Director of Food Safety for the company.  And last week it was reported that the first of as many as 1,000 self-service kiosks are being employed at 3 McDonalds locations in Kingston, Ontario.  The company said that by year-end, Canada will have the kiosks deployed in as many as 1,000 stores throughout Canada.  With minimum wages being egregiously increased on political whims across the country, can the US be far behind?