Although they’re going to still be big on making music available, Starbucks this week announced that they are no longer going to be selling CDs (Compact Discs) at their store locations.  Since 1995, the company has been stocking and selling CDs.  With the advent of online music and other technological advances, the CD market has dropped 15 percent in the last year alone.  Dazbog Coffee Company, based in Denver, Colorado, has settled a suit brought by three franchisees who alleged that it had profited from unfairly excessive costs to franchisees that left them unable to be profitable, and accused the company of racketeering and civil theft.  In its decision, the court declared the franchise agreement null and void, but it also dismissed a number of the franchisee claims and did not award damages to either party.  As the settlement was being reached, a separate franchisee filed a similar lawsuit against the franchisor alleging essentially the same violations.