Starbucks announced this week that its 2nd Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room would open in the Meatpacking District of New York City sometime in 2018.  Bigger than the first roastery that opened 2 years ago in Seattle, the New York location will encompass some 20,000 square feet of new retail space.  Notwithstanding that enforcement of the menu labeling requirement for calorie content has been delayed by the Food and Drug Administration for more than a year, Subway announced that it will begin posting calories for all of their menu items beginning next Monday, April 11.  Based in Milford, CT, Subway has close to 27,000 stores operating across the United States.  It may not be a competitor per se, but we noted that Kohls Department stores has abandoned the idea of Kohl’s Café, a coffee shop idea that the Wisconsin-based retailer tested in two of their Wisconsin stores.  Not as easy as it looks, huh?  And lastly, we noted that McDonalds has added Kale Breakfast Bowls along with Greek Yogurts to their breakfast menus in 800 of their Southern California locations as well as a scrambled egg and chorizo bowl.  The items are morning items only and not part of their all-day breakfast menu.  Some 1,000 of the chain’s Southern stores began Monday offering McGriddles as part of their all-day breakfast menu.  McDonald’s breakfast situation is complex and we will look to get a more detailed analysis produced for your benefit soon.