Starbucks held their Q2 earnings call with investors yesterday and our DDIFO Restaurant Analyst John Gordon, Pacific Management Consulting Group, reports that they enjoyed good results across the board – US comps were plus 7%, traffic up 3% & plus 4% on average ticket.  They did not call out current negative Rewards changes and their effects, but noted there could be “wiggles” between check and traffic going forward.  Store profit margins were 23.7% or .8% improved from the prior year while labor costs were up due to expanded employee benefits and IT platform were also higher but offset by favorable sales leverage.  They reported that mobile order and pay tests are going well, with sales mix at 10% (20% during peak hours) in the test markets.  They noted their new Chase Debit card program as the only known rewards program covering $4.5 trillion estimated in total debit card spend and reported 710 net new opens in the Americas.  More of the details that the company reported are available for review here.