Not a surprise, but the latest news reports that Popeyes CEO Cheryl Bachelder will step down from her post once the Atlanta-based chain is acquired by Burger King and Tim Horton parent company Restaurant Brands International. Elsewhere in the QSR space, McDonalds held its Investor Day Wednesday and was unusually candid in its outlook and plans, reporting it lost hundreds of millions of US visits to other brands due to migration away from the $1 menu and not meeting customer needs, including quality. It will focus on McCafe and coffee going forward, hoping to make McCafe more of a place than a product. It will be deeply discounting and moving to digital apps, pay and go, as well as curbside service, all initiative that Dunkin’ recently highlighted. They also plan to continue highlighting fresh cracked eggs, which for Dunkin’ franchisees means the biggest competitor is getting more focused. Lastly, Wendy’s announced this week that it will be adding self-service ordering kiosks over the course of the year at approximately 1,000 of its restaurants nationwide. Hopefully some of those advocating ridiculous increases in minimum wages will take note!