It was reported this week that Starbucks investors raised questions on the equality of sick leave offered by the company to their corporate employees versus their retail service personnel. Starbucks investor Zevin Asset Management had let it be known that it would be looking closely at company sick leave policies at several of the companies in which they invest. Starbucks offers corporate employees 16 weeks paid leave for giving birth and 12 week for new fathers or adoptive parents. Retail workers only get 6 weeks, while new fathers get none. The New York Times reported this week that Starbucks had closed its online store on Sunday in order to focus on improving the customer’s in-store experience. On the most recent earnings call, company CEO Kevin Johnson referenced a “seismic shift” in retailing, and company spokespeople explained the priority is to make Starbucks a “must-visit” destination. Lastly, it would appear that in-store or online, Starbucks customers remain loyal as the company again topped the QSR list for customer loyalty. Dunkin’ Donuts continues to stay close however, coming in 3rd, just behind 2nd place McDonald’s.